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[Decipher works through sound] Evening gathering

August 16th (Sat)

Picaresque Project Yu Akutagawa Solo Exhibition, Related information. 


A concert that is composed based on the paintings by Akutagawa called "Boy" and "Girl".


Out of the pair ”Boy” and ”Girl”, "Boy" has been set up for a sales contract, which means that on the evening of the concert, Saturday August 16th, the works will be together for the last time. In the morning of Sunday August 17, "Boy" will be shipped towards the buyer. 


For ”Boy” and ”Girl” to be able to face each other properly for the last time on this evening, beautiful violin and electronic piano music will paint them in tone colors. 


For this occasion, we welcome you to also invite your loved one to show your support for ”Boy” and ”Girl”. You are warmly welcomed. 



August 16th (Sat) 



16:30 Opening

17:00 First part of the performance 

17:45 15 minutes break 

18:00 Second part of the performance 

18:45 Introduction to works

19:00 End of show 


-Ticket fee 

With reservation: 4,000 yen, 

On the day: 4,500 yen 



Cesar Frank "Sonata in A major for Violin and Piano", 

Eugene Ysaye, Excerpt from "Solo Violin Sonata No. 4, dedicated to Kreisler", etcetera. 



Violin Ami Oike 

Electronic piano Kubo Natsumi 


-We offer drinks and snacks. 

    -Drink list 

Fresh Sangria 

Refreshing jasmine tea 

Stomach-friendly apple juice


    -Snack list

Coming soon! Please stay tuned. 

[Evening gathering Application Form] 

[Entry example] 


Name(名前): Yamada Hanako 


E-mail address(メールアドレス): ※ PC email address is preferred 



Name: Yamada Hanako 

※ When your entry is for more than one person, please list all of the names here 

Example) Ichiro Yamada, Jiro Yamada, Yamada Saburo 

※ Contact information: 000-0000-0000 ※ Mobile phone number recommended 

When would you like to participate: Daytime gathering OR Evening gathering OR both Daytime and Evening 


※ If there is something you would like to add, or if you have any questions, please write them at the end of the message. Later the person in charge will get in touch with you.

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